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Most home insurance policies do not cover termite damage. With termites destroying one in every five Sunshine Coast homes, a timber pest inspection makes sense and can give you confidence that you are buying a house with no timber damage.

Buying a house on the Sunshine Coast is not cheap. Making sure your investment is not going to cost tens of thousands of dollars in the future due to termite and pest damage is avoidable with a pre-purchase pest inspection. Termite and other timber boring pests damage and destroy timber frames, floors and fixtures in areas that most home buyers can’t see.

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Using Sunshine Coast Building and Pest Inspections for an inspection prior to purchase, we will give you and only you all the information you need to make an informed decision on your property purchase. Our pest inspectors are all licensed and accredited timber pest inspectors. Our reports are written to Australian Standards and are plain English. You will also see photos of the property in the report. You have the opportunity to talk to our inspectors or be present at the property during the inspection.

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Pest Inspection Information & FAQ

Learn more about the Pest Inspection process on the Sunshine Coast. Can’t find what you’re looking for, read our comprehensive Building and Pest Inspection FAQ.

A pre-purchase timber pest inspection also know as a pest inspection is more than just checking for termite activity and damage. During a pre-purchase timber pest inspection, we are inspecting your Sunshine Coast house for termites (white ants) as well as other timber insects and pests such as borers and wood decaying fungi.

Given the sub-tropical climate where timber destroying pests and fungi thrive, a pre-purchase pest inspection is critical for anyone looking to purchase a Sunshine Coast house and must not be skipped to save a few hundred dollars. Not only do our pest inspections pick up activity pest activity but will flag potential issues that need to be fixed to prevent future issues with the house such as drainage, ventilation and construction faults. All of which make the perfect storm for termite attack.

This is critical information for homeowners to ensure they do not make a costly mistake and can use it to negotiate a lower price if they decide to proceed.

As you're aware, an offer on a home can be pending a building and pest inspection. So, the critical information we provide in our pre-purchase pest inspections can make or break a house sale. Therefore, before we begin any pre-purchase inspection, a pre-inspection agreement is required. This is to make sure the homebuyer understands what will be carried out in the inspection and the limitations of the inspection.

For example, it is critical to understand that these inspections (like the regular termite inspection) are visual pest examinations; we are not permitted by law to damage any walls, skirting boards, or move any boxes or furniture. Sometimes a house seller will purposefully try to conceal an issue. If we anticipate a problem, we will flag it in the report and suggest a more "invasive" examination (which the home seller may or may not permit).

Our pre-purchase timber pest inspections are written to follow the guidelines outlined in Australian Standards 4349.3. The report which we provide is very detailed and will include photos to help with your understanding. Whilst we write all of our reports in plain, easy to understand, plain Australian English there is a portion of the report that contains some legal terms. A conversation with your inspector after the pest inspection has occurred at your Sunshine Coast house is recommended. As we know there can be time pressures in the purchase process with aim to provide the complete reports within 24 hours.